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Our Mission

“Its one of the most useless questions an adult can ask a child - what do you want to be when you grow up?

As if growing up is finite. As if at some point, you become something, and thats the end.”
— Michelle Obama

This quote is so in line with the philosophy here at Flock. Att what point do we stop growing, stop learning. We can continue to grow, throughout our lifetime, if we want….

Thats our mission, its to provide women with that platform, where they can grow, professionally… and personally… and celebrate the journey to fulfilment and success.

We believe every woman has boundless potential and we’re here to support, encourage and celebrate it.

No matter what journey you’re on… you’re always welcome to Flock with us.

Meet the founder

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About me

Oh hey! Im Ria, first and foremost, a mummy to 2 amazing kiddos who are my BIGGEST inspiration. A wife, a sister, a friend and more recently the founder of my own business, which I’m super passionate about - Flock.

Taking myself back 36 years, I grew up in a tiny village in Fife, Scotland. I come from a devoted, loving family of hard workers and strong minds so I always knew life would be a journey and was always eager to take the next step. 

By the time I turned 18, I left home to move to Edinburgh and study Accountancy, I know…WTF right! I did my fair share of dossing around and learnt some important lessons while doing so. But I always knew, because of my support network, what was important and what was not. 

Having landed a job in Wealth Management after graduating, I moved to London, as keen as ever to continue my journey. I loved living the London life, made some incredible friends, met my husband, got married and a few years later, started my family.

Admittedly, I was a dreamer and had a wish list that I was lucky enough to tick off by aged 30.

But, something always had to give right…? In my case, it was my career. I decided to leave my job to raise the kids and become a full-time mum (or homemaker as they politely like to call it nowadays)

I continued to do this for a few years, feeling happy and content but it was only a matter of time before that feeling of emptiness began to consume me. 

I needed to reinvent myself! Going back into the city wasn’t a good option because it would mean barely seeing my family, so I started to look deeper inside myself, often questioning myself “what is my WHY?”

Now what?!

Well, I decided it was time for me to create a new list. 

I’m a complete people person, so cliche I know but, some people get their energy from being alone. Me? I get my energy from being surrounded by good people. 

And then events…something I always wanted to pursue. At every stage in my life, there was a topic to be discussed, knowledge to be shared and people to be connected. When I was getting married, I wanted to be a wedding planner, when I was spending my nights partying, I was sure I could be a party planner. Had a baby - baby showers!! 

But now at this stage in my life I also want to learn, I want to learn from the experiences and life lessons from the women (and men) I may have not even met yet.

But, I want to learn in a vibrant environment, a space where I feel comfortable, included and not afraid of exposure.

And I was certain, that I couldn’t possibly, be alone with this mindset

Flock was hatched… and ready to fly.

As a woman, we are often made to feel like, we can’t have it all…

But I for sure was determined to try.

I do hope you’ll join me 💕