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I am genuinely so touched and grateful that you thought of me. The event was gorgeous and I had the best time - I left on a complete high which lasted all day.

– Amy Wright

Gracie Squirrel Sisters

It was an absolute pleasure to be on the panel. I loved it and it's by far the best networking event I've ever been to... it was so fun, relaxed, had a great turnout and was wonderfully unique

– Gracie Tyrell


It was great fun speaking at your launch event! Feel extremely honoured to be a part of such an amazing initiative ❤

- Ada Y. Zhao

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It really made my day so much more enjoyable

– Rhiannon Lambert


Kind Words

“It was such an amazing night and so inspirational. I have never been to something so uplifting and with such a supportive atmosphere. The turnout was amazing and the event itself, enriching.”

- Charlotte Garden

Ria!! Congratulations on such a successful launch!  There was such a fantastic vibe of like minded ladies, who were happy to share their knowledge. The fact that everyone stayed so long on a weekday is a testament to what an incredible event you created! Ps loved the goodie bags.

- Sonali Rastogi

Ria, Ria, Ria.... what a fabulous evening it was last night, thank you so much for having Sarah and I, you did yourself so very proud and I really hope that’s how you’re feeling. I had such a great time and met some really interesting and lovely people. Thank you again😘😘😘 xxx

- Raven Chandar

Hey Ria I just wanted to say huge congratulations on an incredible event last night. You are absolutely incredible, and what you’re doing is inspiring x

- Emma Butt

Thanks again for the fabulous event. I met some many interesting and lovely women. Your event was a breath of fresh air!

– Claudia Ghartey

Being surrounded by clever, successful and encouraging women bolstered our spirits tremendously

– Teedles

Every event is just so amazing!

– Krystsina Lapko